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La Segunda Bakery & Café

Learn more about La Segunda Bakery & Café and we love using their Cuban bread!

Havana Café outsources our bread from La Segunda because of their traditions, authentic recipes, and the quality of each loaf. La Segunda's bread and our meals compliment each other well based on the simple fact that fresh ingredients, authentic Cuban recipes, and the desire to share our culture and cuisine with the world.

What makes La Segunda's bread authentic? How are La Segunda's baking practices considered traditional?

La Segunda Bakery & Café

Juan Moré established La Segunda in the late early 1900's. Moré's love for authentic Cuban bread stemmed directly from his childhood in Spain, but it wasn't until fighting in the Spanish-American War that Moré realized his recipe could provide him with a new opportunity in a new country. Moré partnered with two colleagues who were also bakers and cigar makers to establish three bakeries focusing on authentic Cuban cuisine. Shortly after two out of the three bakeries went under, Moré bought out his partners to maintain control over La Segunda to keep his traditions alive. Moré and his team have worked hard to build La Segunda's reputation into what it is today by serving 100s of happy customers a day in Ybor and South Tampa, Florida. Four generations later, La Segunda is baking hundreds of loaves of authentic Cuban bread a day and experiments with many other specialty items from Moré's Latin heritage.

This traditional recipe has been perfected over many years; from the fresh ingredients to the experienced bakers to ensure consistency in each batch of bread prepared. The ingredients are combined by the master bakers and some have been baking at La Segunda for over 20 years. Once the dough is combined and smooth, it's shaped into loaves and a fresh palmetto leaf is placed on top. Once each loaf is dried by high-powered fans, the loaves are then placed into a hearth and will take 45 minutes to bake properly. The palmetto leaf keeps the moisture inside the bread which creates a crispy outside and a soft, fluffy inside. The palmetto leaf is an indication of authentic Cuban bread since the leaf creates the classic split on the top of the loaf.

At Havana Café we understand the impact of adding authentic Cuban bread to our menu which brings cohesiveness and tradition to each dish prepared. Come join us at Havana Café for a great meal and be sure to ask about the authentic Cuban bread.

To learn more about La Segunda and their locations, check out their website below!

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